Advanced Gas Disconnections Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions which we get asked, here at Advanced Gas Disconnections. We are always available should you wish to ask us any other gas disconnection questions.

What is an MPRN?

An MPRN is short for a Meter Point Reference Number, which relates to your property’s gas supply.

Where can I find my MPRN?

Your MPRN can be can be found on your gas bill. You may also have a yellow tag attached to your gas meter with the MPRN showing.

Why do I need to provide a plan/map showing my meter locations?

The networks do not keep any records of where your supply terminates. Therefore, we need to know where your meter is located, so we can work out where your service connects to the existing infrastructure.

How long will it take to disconnect my gas supply?

A meter removal is generally 5-10 days.

A full service gas disconnection depends uplon local authorities section 50 notices, and any traffic management requirements. Our general lead time from acceptance/payment is 4-8 weeks.

Where will my gas supply be capped?

The networks insist all gas supplies are cut back to the nearest practicable location, at point of connection to the mains infrastructure in public.

Do I need a full service gas disconnection, or just my meter removed?

If you are demolishing your building, you will require a full service disconnection. Should you no longer wish to use gas, you can just have your meter removed and ECU capped. This will stop standing charges and cancel your gas contract.

Can I remove my gas meter myself?

Only a suitably qualified engineer can remove your gas meter, as it will need to be returned to the Meter Asset Manager.  Your final gas meter readings will be taken and sent to your gas supplier. The gas supplier will calculate your final gas bill and cancel your contract.