So you’ve got loads of questions whizzing around in your mind about gas disconnections & gas meters …maybe they’re waking you up at 2am…Well let me shed some light on the situation.

I’ve made a list of all the frequently asked questions, we at Advanced Gas Disconnections get asked.

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What is an MPRN number & where do I find it?

MPRN stands for Meter Point Reference Number and relates to your gas supply. It’s usually a 21 digit number displayed on your meter (where your readings are taken from). The MPRN is used to pinpoint individual gas supply’s.

Who is my gas supplier?

To find out who your gas supplier is contact the gas transporter, giving them the MPRN number.

Who owns the gas pipes?

Gas pipes are owned by infrastructure such as your local distribution provider (DNO) for example National Grid.

Can I move my gas meter?

Yes you can move your gas meter. However, how far you can move it depends on the gas pipes which are attached to the meter.

How much will it cost to remove my gas meter?

This will depend on the size of your meter, which can be identified on the data plate of your meter.

How much will a gas disconnection cost?

This depends on a number of factors, such as;

  1. 1) Your location,
  2. 2) The size of pipe which needs disconnecting,
  3. 3) Do you require a meter removal?
  4. 4) Traffic requirements

Reasons for disconnecting my gas supply:

  1. To allow for demolition of property,
  2. To stop standing charges (which form part of your gas bill)
  3. No longer needed (as you use an alternative fuel source).

Why do you need all the information on the contact form?

In order for us to understand your requirements and provide you with an accurate quote at our best possible price, we need to gather all the relevant information.

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