You’re in the right place, if you want to know some really interesting facts about gas.

They say everyday is a school day, so read on and find out something you didn’t know. I did and I was impressed.

Top Facts

  • The word ‘gas’ originated from the Greek meaning ‘chaos’,
  • It is said to have been first discovered in the Middle East,
  • In 500BC, China built the first pipeline out of Bamboo,
  • Natural gas is colourless, odourless and flammable,
  • Gas is lighter than air,
  • When lightning strikes, natural gas seeps from the ground,
  • Natural gas is mainly methane (CH4) but also contains hydrocarbons such as ethane, propane, butane and naphtha,
  • Utility companies add mercaptan which smells of rotten eggs so leaks are easier to detect,
  • Dry natural gas is used for heating and electric power generation,
  • Liquid gas is made when natural gas is cooled to a temperature of 260OF (162OC),
  • In 2016, 2/3rds of the UK’s gas imports came from the seabed off Norway,
  • Noway imported enough gas to power over 8 millions homes in 2016,
  • Gas, now makes up over 40% of the UK electricity generation,
  • Over 15.2 million road vehicles used to power buses, cars, taxis and trucks,
  • Aspirin, Deodorant, Mobile Phones, Limbs, Heart Valves, Carpeting & Vinyl Flooring’s are all made using gas,
  • CO2 emissions have been lowered to the levels recorded in the Victorian era by replacing coal with gas,
  • When burned, natural gas produced less than half the CO2 emissions of coal,
  • In 1792 an engineer named William Murdoch used gas to light his UK home,
  • Gas pressure is measured in pascals,

So now you’ve seen some amazing facts, challenge your family members or include one fact in your quiz. As a result, its bound to get your little grey cells working, as the famous Belgium detective (Poirot) said.

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