Gas Industry Terminology

This month we thought it would be useful to shed some light on gas industry terminology. Hopefully, this post will explain who is responsible and the types of work involved.


OFGEM are the governing body for the gas industry.

For more information on OFGEM, please visit their website

Gas Interconnector

Gas Interconnectors are natural gas pipeline which connect countries to the National Transmission System (NTS ) in England, Scotland & Wales.

The 3 three current gas interconnectors are:

  1. UK – Belgium
  2. UK – Netherlands
  3. Scotland – Republic of Ireland

Ofgem ensures that the gas is transported competitively to the National Transmission System (NTS) and the supply is maintained.

Ofgem grant licences to ensure gas interconnector owners and operators adhere to industry standard regulations.

Gas Shipper

The Gas Shipper is the company that arrangers for the transporter to move the gas from the beach to the consumer. The Gas Shipper must have a licence granted by OFGEM, before they can ship the gas.

Gas supply (domestic & non-domestic)

Is the distribution of gas ensuring levels meet the national requirements.

The UK is supplied with natural and artificial gases by main the gas pipelines. These pipelines transport the gas from the location extraction point to the consumers.

Gas Transporter/Independant Gas Transporters

A Gas Transporter is a company that supplies and manages the pipes that power your home (National Grid).

An independent company supplies and manages the pipes that powers your home (National Grid have no involvement).

National Transmission System (NTS) operator

The UK’s National Transmission System (NTS) is the network of gas pipelines. These pipelines provide a gas supply to the gas distribution companies that supply commercial and domestic users.

Utility Infrastructure Provider (UIP)

Utility Infrastructure Provider’s are independent companies who can make a connection to the distribution main, and install new gas pipework to supply your property/business address.

The Meter Asset Manager (MAM)

The Meter Asset Manager (MAM) is the company who own your gas meter, and are responsible for the maintenance or your gas meter.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will now have a clear understanding of the gas industry terminology and the roles/responsibilities associated.