How Do I Disconnect My Gas Supply?

how do i get my gas supply disconnected?

How Do I Disconnect My Gas Supply?

Here at Advanced Gas Disconnections (AGD) we wanted to shed some light on ‘How do I get my gas supply disconnected’ & what’s involved in the process.

How is my gas disconnected?

Disconnecting your gas supply is a straight forward process but it can be time-consuming, because it depends on the property and where the gas pipe is connected to the mains supply.
Before the gas supply is cut off, your outlet pipework needs to be disconnected from your gas meter and purged (rid) of gas. The gas meter will then be removed and sent back to the Meter Asset Manager (MAM) along with your final gas readings, which will be sent to your gas shipper so they can generate your final bill. Lastly the service pipe is cut off as close as possible to the mains infrastructure, which is generally in public land.

How long will it take to complete the disconnection?

As every job is different, we can’t provide an accurate timescale straight away, but the average length of time is generally between four to ten weeks from quote to completion. After speaking to one of our team and providing the required information about the scope of work, we will then be able to provide expected timescales.

Do I need to inform my gas provider my gas is being disconnected?

We will contact all of the relevant parties on your behalf to inform them that you have requested a gas disconnection. We will also take the final meter reading and send to your gas shipper so they can generate your final gas bill.

How long will it take for my gas supply to be disconnected?

Our average timescale for a gas disconnection is 1-2 weeks for a quote (unless you take advantage of our ‘Same Day Gas Disconnection Estimate) and 4-10 weeks for completion. However, it can take longer if:
• Our experts aren’t in the area during the timescales
• Any traffic management is required
• Payment or signed acceptance is late
• There are emergencies in the area that take priority

What is the cost of disconnecting my supply?

The cost of disconnecting your gas supply depends on several factors. Whether you’re demolishing a property or your meter is in the wrong place, we’re committed to providing you with the best service at the best possible price.

Can I reconnect my supply at a later date?

Once the pipe has been disconnected, you will not be able to reconnect it. If at a later date the premises does once again require a new gas connection you will need to apply for one. You could have your meter removed instead of a complete disconnection, you will need to reconnect a meter within 6 months before a complete disconnection is scheduled

What To Expect From Us

Advanced Gas Disconnections are the only company who specialise solely in gas disconnection works.

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The services we carry out are; service disconnections, meter removal and outlet pipework disconnection/purging works. This means you will be able to deal directly with us. You will have one point of contact, instead of contacting three separate companies to co-ordinate your works. We do the hard work for you.

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