AGD’s Same Day Gas Disconnection Estimation Service

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Here at Advanced Gas Disconnections we strive to provide our customers with an exceptional service and benefits. One of the way’s we do this, is to provide our customers with a ‘same day estimate’.

What Is A Same Day Gas Disconnection Estimate?

A same date estimate, is an estimated price which Advanced Gas Disconnections will charge you for the gas supply disconnection and gas meter removal works you require us to undertake.

How Do I Receive A Same Day Gas Disconnection Estimate?

To receive a same day estimate from us, you must supply the information outlined on our contact form, before 3pm on any given working day (Monday-Friday, excluding Bank Holidays).

You can submit the information to us via our Contact Form, or by emailing a PDF/Word version format to

We will ensure that the email you supply to us (on the contact form or via email) is the email we will send the estimate to.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Same Day Gas Disconnection Estimate?

By utilising our same day service you will receive an estimated price for the works, you require Advanced Disconnections to undertake.

By offering our customers this service, they find that our estimate costs are extremely close to the firmed up quotation. Therefore, this cuts time down on your job and we can deliver your gas supply disconnection works quickly and efficiently.

The reason we provide an estimate and not a firm quotation the same day, depends on your exact requirements, as we may need to attend site.

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